Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Services In Bhopal

A keen observation is required to notice signs of rat invasion in any premise. Domestic premises are the most rat invaded premise. Next are the warehouses and go downs storing eatables. Upon witnessing any sign of rat invasion, Strong measures must be adopted for complete rat elimination and control. The main rat control measures adopted are,Use of rat traps ,Use of rat traps [Glue type] ,Use of rat poison The first essential step is to choke all food resources for rats. It must be made sure that rats do not get anything to eat in the premise. The drinking water supply should also be cut off as the rats need much water to drink. Then their access points to the premise must be blocked. Rats approach the premise through openings which are to be searched, found and completely blocked in such a way that they cannot be reopened by rats. Rats are very persistent creature; they keep coming back to a spot even after being unable to enter at first. Sewage, drainage. toilets, kitchen sinks, rain water pipes, foul gas expulsion pipes must be repeatedly checked as these are the most comfortable entries of rats inside a house.